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What a year ..... :)
Please practice your NEW music at home!! 














Dear Parents, Students, and Band Families,

FHHS BAND CAMP 2020 WILL be happening next week!  Sorry for the delay in info, but we needed to have a safe plan, and needed everyone involved to approve it.

Due to COVID19 this year’s Band Camp will be held ENTIRELY outdoors!

It is from 7:45pm-10:00pm every evening this week (Aug.3-7) Monday thru Friday!

***Students will receive new music upon arrival, but please bring old stand tunes and flip folder/lyres (email if you are in need!)

Below is the protocol and attached to the email is a parent/student info/permission sheet that must be filled out for a student to attend.

If you have any questions, please reach out This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you! ~ Mz. Truby

FHHS Marching Band Camp COVID19 Protocol

STAY HOME if you are sick or feel sick, please stay home. If you are at risk, also please stay home. Temperatures MUST be taken before leaving home and be below 100 degrees. If you do not have access to a thermometer, one will be provided at school that takes the temperature on your forehead, just let us know upon arrival.

ATTENDANCE ***Please communicate an absence immediately by text to Mz. Truby. This is for YOUR safety. Parents will be notified by text/phone call within 15 min of the start of practice if a student is missing.(Unless of course it was prearranged) This is not for penalty or punishment reasons, but simply to ensure your safety.

SANITIZING EQUIPMENT will be done after each practice by band staff and directors until students are properly trained.  NO SHARING instruments, mouthpieces, sticks, or mallets. (No sharing flags, or ANY Guard equipment) Hand sanitizer will be available.

SOCIAL DISTANCING will be followed. All students and staff must remain 6 feet apart at all times. During breaks students will remain in their own outside/shaded break area with their own water.

FACEMASKS will be mandatory for all DIRECTORS, STAFF, and for students when not actively playing their instrument or engaged in physical activity.

EMERGENCY/PERMISSION SLIP needs to be filled out & signed to attend! (Please email me if you need one! They were sent out to parents/104/205's)

HYGIENE Students must arrive dressed in practice attire since there will be no rooms for changing. Upon returning home after practice, students are encouraged to shower and change immediately to help protect those at home.

WATER is required by all students. Please bring AT LEAST one gallon of water to each night practice. Camelbacks are good as well, make sure they hold enough!! Water fountains are not to be used at this time. HYDRATE! Our motto: Thirsty is too late! :)

ENTRY/EXIT to the school will be from the front covered bus drop off area on Palisades Blvd. Please drop students off at the curb. The front gates will be open for students only and there will be no visitors or spectators allowed on campus. At the end of practice, students may be picked up at the curb in the same spot. Students please remember to socially distance when entering or exiting the property. Band staff will be located throughout the route for reminders. When leaving at the end of practice, please make sure rides know when to pick you up ahead of time. The staff and directors will not leave until every student is picked up. Every effort is made by Mz. Truby to make sure practices adhere to the timeline for band camp night rehearsals ending at 10:00pm.

NIGHT PRACTICE students will arrive at 7:45pm (band council, staff and directors will arrive at 7:30pm to open up the facilities. Students get instruments/equipment and go to their assigned attendance spot on the field. Staff will be located both outside the building and at the field if anything is needed upon arrival. Practice begins at 8:00pm. Students are required to have a gallon of water with them, a mask, their instrument and their music/flip folder. **Students will move and stretch at these practices so modest clothing is most appropriate. Athletic shoes are required (no open toe shoes or sport sandals, sneaker type shoes only) Band camp is fun, but a lot of work! :) Night Practice is over at 10:00pm.

*Due to COVID19 we will not practice “breathing gym” exercises at this time. The focus will be on physical conditioning and group music skill building. The field is the safest place for us to play together so we will definitely use more of our night rehearsals just to play together. I am really looking forward to this! It has been 5 months! Everyone will be spread out at least 8 feet to play. We will use the ENTIRE field for this and the drum major will be up in the stands. EXCITING!! ***AT THIS TIME NO VISITORS ARE ALLOWED ON CAMPUS OR DOWN AT THE FIELD, STUDENTS CAN BE PICKED UP WHERE THEY WERE DROPPED OFF :)


Band Camp 2020


Dear Band Parents, Students, and Family,

I hope this email finds you all well! I miss everyone so much :) I wanted to share the latest information regarding the 2020-2021 school year. While I don't have specifics for you about Band Camp 2020 regarding the exact schedule and protocol for COVID19, I can assure you we are having one and it will remain the week of Aug.3-7. I can also assure you by Wed July 29, I will communicate the plan and a few back-ups! The new Superintendent Kelly Glass, as well as our new Principal, Krisopher Alexander have been in touch and are partnering with me to put together a comprehensive safety plan, not just for Band Camp but moving forward into the school year. They have both been extremely helpful as we all move forward! They will have final approval of the plan before it is sent to you.

I am very eager to get back to the music here at FHHS, but safety is of the utmost concern. Please be rest assured that every measure to ensure students safety will be utilized as well as CDC guidelines be followed. I have spent the past few weeks looking at research data from the National Association of Music Educators in connection with many instrument companies such as Conn Selmer, Jupiter, and Yamaha just to name a few. These companies have been researching the best and safest practices for the past 6 weeks to keep the student musicians safe. Please forward any concerns to me after you have seen the protocol rolled out on Wed July 29. Band Camp is also not an academic requirement, but rather an educational opportunity for students to get their chops back in shape and get to know each other a little bit before the school year officially begins, with that being said, we cover a lot of ground, so please make plans for students to attend as much of camp as possible) If a student can't attend or you do not feel comfortable, please do not hesitate to contact me. I welcome communication, and always like to know that a student is home and safe! :)

As many of you may have already heard, ABODA (Arizona Band & Orchestra Directors Association) has cancelled the entire 2020 competitive marching season. I think this was a good decision given all the bus riding and large group meetings. We do however still have opportunities to virtually be adjudicated for the students to have feedback and to meet our State competency and curricular standards.

We will have a halftime show, even if we never get to perform at a game, we will do virtual performances for friends and family throughout the season. This will be great for anyone with families out of state! Hopefully we can play at some live events before this season is over, but regardless, we are going to keep learning and making music! Please look for the upcoming email on Wed July 29th. Any questions/thoughts? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Please share this email with any Band member or parent/family. Spread the word! Thank you in advance! If anyone needs to be added to the email list please email me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Looking forward to another fantastic year with the FFoFF! (Year 19 for me!!)


BAND COUNCIL 2020-2021

Drum Major - Gigi Kastner
Drum Captain - Vinnie Caggiula
Flute Section Leader - Mercy Taylor
“Reed” Section Leader - Dani Meyers
Trumpet Section Leader - Quinton Hemstreet
ONES Section Leader - Madeline Britton
Head of Operations - Foster Woolbright
Band Manager - Miguel Rivera
Percussion Manager - Roman Beckman

Librarian - Sydney Klein
Librarian - Fatima Naranjo