CALL TIME: 8:15AM - We are #24

* Intersection of Saguaro & Colony Drive in front of FH Motor Sports
* Please use the frontage street to be dropped off 
Streets will be closed early for the Turkey Trot so plan accordingly!
* NO cases/ full uniform (dress warm under!)
* Woodwinds & drums pleae bring a large yrd size plaastic bag in case
   to cover your instrument to protect it in case of downpour! (Good advice
   for everyone, really!
* If raining when you arrive, please bring an umbrella, once it stops, I will
   hold for you until the end of the parade.
* I will provide rain ponchos for everyone!

                      PARADE BEGINS @ 9:00AM

*Parade map is below and I have highlighted the parade route in yellow
* red indicates where the parade begins & ends
* green marks where we meet and stage. 
* Please make a plan of where you will meet you parents/ride after the parade!

                IMG 2718

* We will put updates here! As well as text band members!

Currently it looks as if it will be raining before and after the parade but not
neccesarily during!