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To see this amazing performance please go to this link, and then please thank our Band parent, Nadya Jenkins!
Thanks for being our offical videographer!  Click below to see the Band in action!

"The Flock" qualified for the STATE Marching Festival held on Sat. Nov.4th @ Dobson HS in Mesa, AZ. 

They have been competing all season to be one of the top 20 Bands in our Division which would award us an invitation to the State Marching Festival where the top 20 bands in each Division battle it out to earn the top 8 spots who will then conitnue to the FINALS (affectionately name "Super State")

This festival is quite an honor and means that your band is one of the top 8 in the state of your size. ((Band size not school size, we compete with much larger schools.) This festival will give students a chance to march in Sun Devil Stadium at ASU and share the field with 31 other bands of their caliber (and beyond!)

This event is the AZ STATE MARCHING CHAMPIONSHIP and it will take place on Sat. Nov.18th.  

The STATE MARCHING FESTIVAL is next Sat., Nov.4th. Details and schedule are listed below.
***The performance times are in the order the bands currently sit going into the festival.
Yes, you have read the schedule right, we are currently sitting in 6TH PLACE in our DIVISION!!! 

This means clear your schedule, there is a good chance we may be marching in the CHAMPIONSHIPS for the first time ever.
The 2017 edition of "The Flock" has a chance to make FHHS history!

2017 State Marching Festival Performance Schedule  - Saturday, Nov.4th - Dobson High School Mesa, AZ.
*** Stats on students enrolled are from
*** The enrollment numbers currently on this website are not 100& up to date, but the numbers are  close. (See FH numbers)
*** I wanted to include these numbers to show that a BIGGER school does not mean a BIGGER  or BETTER experience or school! You can achieve at any level!

8:15 Marana HS III             ( 2066 students enrolled )
8:30 Valley Vista HS III       ( 2457 students enrolled )
8:45 Safford HS III              ( 893 students enrolled *closest to FH numbers)
9:00 Flagstaff HS III            ( 1484 students enrolled )
9:15 Fairfax HS III 9:30      ( 1903 students enrolled )
9:45 Kofa HS III 10:00        ( 2165 students enrolled )
10:00 Cesar Chavez HS III ( 2575 students enrolled )
10:15 Glendale HS III         ( 1719 students enrolled )
10:30 Apollo HS III             ( 1976 students enrolled )
10:45 McClintock HS III     ( 1771 students enrolled )
11:00 Break
11:15 Awards Div III A

11:45 Skyline HS III            ( 2567 students enrolled )
12:00 Coronado HS III       ( 1039 students enrolled )
12:15 Shadow Mountain HS III     ( 1390 students enrolled )
12:30 Mesquite HS III       ( 2000 students enrolled )
12:45 Fountain Hills HS III  ( 617 according to website, but currently 535 according to school records.)
1:15 Pinnacle HS III           ( 2443 student enrollment )
1:30 Sierra Linda HS III     ( 1883 student enrollment )
1:45 Deer Valley HS III      ( 1854 student enrollment )
2:00 Arcadia HS III             ( 1731 student enrollment )
2:15 Prescott HS III            ( 1579 studnet enrollment )

                                   COME SUPPORT US AT THE STATE FESTIVAL NEXT SATURDAY!!!
                                                                        More info to come!